Connection Series

‘The Space Between The Beats’

The Space Between The Beats, part of Mytologisk Art Festival at Sejd Art Gallery in Jelling.

This work explores ideas of intimacy and proximity. The spaces that sits in between filling the moments of tension- before a kiss, hands poised to touch, a breath before a song, heads asleep on a pillow. These quiet spaces as important as the moment the tension is broken.

‘Connection workshop’

A workshop with internationals in Vejle, exploring the threads of connection and commonalities. This participatory installation used repurposed chairs and yarn to create a sculptural space.

Spinderihallerne, Vejle, November 2017


‘We’re Thinking About It’

MA Part One Exhibition June 2012



My second solo show at Red Door 44 collective art space June 2012. An exhibition and series of events relating to the ideas of comfort and nourishment. Exploring the idea of concept of the shared space, connectivity and bringing people together. Exploring the spoon as an object and what it signifies as well as the act and intimacy of spooning

‘White Shirt Collective’

An MA Textile group exhibition February 2012 at the Elysium gallery

My ideas on the white Shirt

The plain white shirt speaks of uniformity and standardisation associated with office wear or school uniform, socially it is a garment which brings people together.

‘The uses and functions of garments are social and cultural and therefore neither neutral or innocent. Douglas and Isherwood reduce the uses or functions to two basic forms, fences and bridges’.

They suggest that garments like bridges have the power ‘to join or connect territories, they enable people to meet, to merge and to share identities’. By placing buttons on the arms of the central shirt and buttonholes in the apposing shirts I am literally creating that bridge or bond, but by using the button instead of a more permanent bind there is a sense of temporary attachment or choice to connect. The wearer is able to form their identity by who they choose to attach themselves to.

By removing all of the other buttons changing the shirts original function and I have created a permanently open space, in this instance ‘the absence of elements can play a role which is meaningful’ and mirrors my ideas of a permeable space.

Although the plain white shirt speaks of ‘sameness’, of a collective, there are also details and signifiers that are distinct. The cut of the fabric, the scale of the garment or the material which is made of can all suggest gender, age or class. The context in which the garment is perceived can also change the feel of the social dialect, by placing the white shirts on a washing line there is a feeling of domesticity but also absence. I would like to see the shirts being worn and interacted with in a social setting.

Barnard, M. Fashion as communication second edition (London: Routledge)2002 p.40

Barnard, M. Fashion as communication second edition (London: Routledge)2002 p.40

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Felt Head

This sculptural item I made during my residency at Supersaurus. Being made from thick felt which prohibits some of the wearer’s senses whilst also creating a connection with another person. In creating a bridge with another who is sharing a similar experience, it makes you focus on the combined connection.

felt head