Film i Skoven- Wishes

This workshop will take place following the screening of three films that focus on wishes, hopes and dreams. During the workshop participants will make an origami heart that contains their wish, their hearts desire. The wish could be for themselves, others or the world and can be written or drawn on the paper. The hearts will be attached to the underside of the wings of giant origami cranes, that will be hung in a tree at the festival. The origami paper crane is a symbol of hope, it is said that if you fold 1000 origami cranes your wish will come true and the wings of the crane keep children safe.

Spotlight Children’s Festival| Denmark|2016

You wake up one day with super powers, like all superheroes yours powers reflect an aspect of your personality. Are your powers influenced by your heart and the things you love? Maybe you use your brain and logic to solve problems? Perhaps your heart and brain work in unison to save the world?

The process is based around self reflection and motivation, discovering the best way to represent your personality through an alter ego. An aspect of the design process will include looking at colour theory and psychology to create the full super hero package of costume, accessories and logo.

The objective is to make the citizens of spotlight 2016 feel safe in the knowledge that they are in the presence of true superheroes.IMG_1811.JPG


Arts in Action Residency | Blaenymaes Primary school & Penyrheol Primary School | 2015


Supersaurus Residency | Swansea | 2011

My residency space


Trials and soft sculpture

‘Felt Head’

Arts in Action Residency | Cymer Afan Primary School | 2009

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