Lip Series


‘Meet me in the Middle Sugar Lips’ created for Divided by the Bath water, Fringe Arts Bath

May 2015

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Embroidered Lips

Spring 2015


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Creating copper lips for Divided by the Melt water

January 2015

Divided by the melt water, the two sides of land – a parted mouth.

The tide rises and falls like breath, words and nourishment filling and emptying a mouth, transforming the land. Ever changing cracks, crevices and deposits are created through alchemic reactions and extreme changes in temperature, changing the shape of the land, the form of the mouth, and the distance between us.

I started the melt water project with copper in mind. Swansea, or Copperopolis, was the centre of the copper smelting industry in the UK during the 18th and 19th centuries and most of the copper ore originated from across the melt water in Devon and Cornwall. In turn the copper was then used to clad the Navy and merchant clipper ships of the time. 

I have chosen to cast the lips of artists on both sides of the melt water in copper. The lips are representative of two side of the land as well as the contact of a loved ones kiss at the meeting point between adventures. Initially I had hoped to create a tactile wearable token from the impression of the lips, however, as the experimental process of working with copper took over I created an object that was too fragile to wear. Akin to the space created by the melt water the lips were affected by the alchemic reaction of extreme heat, exploring this further I am testing the chemical reactions of the copper and the impressions the lips leave behind on a surface over time.

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Book Binding

Creating hand bound books using the theme of the mouth, lips and the kiss.




IMG_2699 IMG_2711

Read My Lips

Looking at the shape the mouth make when speaking, communicating with a silent mouth but removing all other features.


Laser cut lips

WP_000374 WP_000369 WP_000373

Casting lips in leather and paper

14IMG_2527 14IMG_2530 14IMG_2529

Maker in Focus

Mission Gallery, August 2013

Over the summer I was Maker in Focus at the Mission Gallery, Swansea.

I created a small installation using my graphite crayon lips and my spoon mouth apron. I also had some drawings on display and my crayon lips which are still available to buy in the Mission Gallery craft space.

It was a great opportunity to have this exposure and fantastic working with the lovely staff at the Mission Gallery.



Kissing Paper

Solo exhibition at the Cove, Swansea June 2013

‘The touching of lips silently applied upon one another. A touching more intimate than that of one hand taking hold of the other.’

– Luce Irrigaray, Textures of Light (London: Routledge 1998) p.66

Kissing Paper is an exhibition exploring the lips and mouth, Lucy Read will continue to look at the themes of comfort and nourishment through drawing, performance and social interaction. Lucy invites you to join her throughout the day on Saturday 22nd June for a coffee at the Cove and take part in a day of drawing, mark marking and the return of the kissing booth. Then come back in the evening for something a little stronger and the see the results of the day’s activities.


This was the outcome of the day at the cove, a few people popped in during the day who participated in the exhibition by creating impressions of their lips for me onto paper.

The morning was quiet but this was a great opportunity for me to get some large scale drawings done of lips and mouths. It was great to be able to have the space to work on this scale again and create some drawings that are about two meters wide.


MA end of year exhibition May 2013

Levre: Lips, Labia, Edge

Digital drawings

I was to laser etch onto various materials like leather, wood, paper etc. I’ll probably have a play around but these are the drawings

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 18.26.08 Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 18.26.39

Sketch book Jan/Feb 2013









Kissed Teacups


1234Gallery @The Cove, Swansea August 2012

‘The body unites us directly with things through its own ontogenis, by welding to one another the two outlines of which it is made, its two lips’

– Merleau-Ponty, Textures of Light 1998, p.66

This piece of work ‘Lip Service’ I made for the exhibition FIRST  is designed to reconnect the public with the gallery and art by encouraging us to touch the work and participate in a shared creative experience.

A little sneak preview of some work i’m making for an exhibition I’ve go coming up with 1234Gallery at the Cove, Swansea.

It opens 3rd August 2012, hope to see you there.

White chocolate lips- not sure if I’ll be using these but I love the idea of being able to eat my own mouth!

Wax crayon lips…. I think these make the cut?

A little bit of MA work

This is from a couple of months ago, but its still very current with me and work that follows continuing theme that will hopefully continue to develop

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